COVID-19 Test for Travel

Horizon laboratories During the Pandemic

Horizon Laboratories has remained on the frontline throughout the global pandemic, often taking the first step into innovative and adaptive care services such as telemedicine, mobile testing sites, onsite testing and at-home testing.

Responding to the community’s needs, Horizon Laboratories opened locations across South Africa to allow testing to become more accessible.

We were also approached by many patients wishing to travel, needing results in expedited amounts of time –  this prompted Horizon laboratories to acquire exclusive partnerships with laboratories, such as Stempath and Target Laboratory with a high complexity CLIA certified lab to produce fastest and accurate results on time to date. 

We have emphasised the importance of keeping our staff and patients safe throughout, and are happy to find our place in your City to be of service and  endeavoured to produce fastest result times in South Africa to get you home quickly and safely.

Horizon laboratories Offers

Airline Requirements

Majority of international airlines accept RT-PCR swab (NAAT) testing as acceptable proof to travel.

Horizon laboratories through it’s partners runs a high complexity CLIA certified laboratory inline with all testing protocols approved by DOH that are required by airlines to board a flight.

COVID-19 Testing Walk in centres

Insurance Coverage

Since travel is not encouraged during a global pandemic, testing for travel is not considered medical necessity and largely not covered by Most medical aids. 

Horizon laboratories is not a government funded testing facility but a private healthcare company and are not equipped to offer free testing without insurance


Does Horizon laboratories guarantee results in 4-12 hours?

98% of results produced by Horizon laboratories are returned in less than 10 hours. There is a normal margin of error of 1-2% that accounts for technical error, human error and inadequate sample type that may result in delayed results. As such, we cannot guarantee any result time but can assure you everything is done in order to return results in the intended time frame with a >98% success rate. Please see result return time guidance here: 

RT-PCR Swab ( R850):
8-12 hours (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth)
8-10 hours ( Rustenburg )

Expedited RT-PCR Swab (R1000:
4-6 hours (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth)
3-5 hours (Rustenburg)

Rapid Antigen Swab test:
Results in 30 minutes or longer depending on patient testing volume.

How accurate is the test?

The RT-PCR swab test detects DNA strands of the Coronavirus, where other test types detect protein biproducts of the coronavirus. This makes the RT-PCR swab test the most reliable test, though accuracy runs quite similarly throughout each COVID-19 test types.
At our Horizon laboratories in-house lab, we use the 7500 fast DX RT-PCR device coupled with the Lyra Direct SARS-CoV-2 Assay which produces a result of 98.7% accuracy.

Can a provider fill out additional paperwork required by my destination to allow my entry?

Should any tester have with them at the time of appointment any additional documentation that needs to be filled out by a provider to gain entrance to their destination, the provider can do this at the time of appointment.
Please ensure you have these documents printed and ready to present to your provider at the time of your appointment.