COVID testing in Cape Town – Ensuring accuracy and promptness

Staying at the forefront of technology-powered lab testing, Horizon Laboratories puts its best effort into minimising health risks and panic during these uncertain times. We are happy to be of service at our COVID testing stations in Cape Town and many other locations in South Africa. With guaranteed 98.7% accuracy and the latest 7500 Fast DX RT-PCR systems, we comply with local and international testing standards. We are always ready to help you travel with peace of mind and feel safer!

Horizon Laboratories is available 24/7 on Long Street to ensure the convenience you need when getting tested. If you can’t make it to our sampling site in Cape Town or think you may be infected with the virus, we can come over to collect the material. It will then be used to carry out an RT-PCR COVID-19 test and deliver the result within the time frame of regular or expedited testing.

Get tested for COVID at testing centres in Cape Town to travel safely

Nowadays, making travel arrangements is certainly complicated by the requirements of most airlines and governments, such as proof of testing negative for COVID-19 even after receiving your second shot. However, getting a PCR test in Cape Town couldn’t be easier! Just call us to make an appointment after checking whether your insurance provider covers the cost. Don’t forget to bring any additional documentation for travel purposes if it needs to be filled out for wherever you are going.

Keep in mind that the result of your PCR test for travel in Cape Town must be available about an hour before check-in. Be sure to plan accordingly to avoid being denied boarding. We are open 24/7 so that you don’t have to risk missing your flight.

Your options for COVID testing in Cape Town

At Horizon Laboratories, we are committed to providing the highest accuracy and convenience of testing. To meet all your travel needs and ensure fast turnaround times for results, we offer the following COVID testing options at our Cape Town centre:

  • Regular RT-PCR test (the guaranteed time frame for results is 10-24 hours)
  • Rapid RT-PCR test (the guaranteed time frame for results is 4-6 hours)

It’s up to you to choose a PCR test for travel in Cape Town as long as it works for your testing purposes. Though the first option is considered the most reliable, the accuracy is similar for both COVID-19 test types performed at our CLIA-certified labs.

If you have trouble visiting our COVID testing station in Cape Town due to respiratory symptoms, severe health problems or for other reasons, call 0215181125 to arrange the at-home collection of the material.